Downloading OpenTTD

For OpenTTD you can use the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe data files (you need to own a Transport Tycoon Deluxe CD). There are also the free alternatives: OpenGFX (graphics), OpenSFX (sound) and OpenMSX (music). These can be installed automatically by the Windows and OS/2 installers. Please refer to the readme for more information.

You can download the free alternatives here: download OpenGFX, download OpenSFX and download OpenMSX.

For all binaries officially released by us we publish the MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 checksums. You can use these checksums to check wheter the file you downloaded has been modified. All three checksums should match the file you downloaded; if this is not the case it means that either the file didn't come from us or that it got broken during transport. Either way it might possibly contain dangerous modifications and the file should therefore not be trusted!

Download nforenum

The grfcodec release is newer than the last nforenum release. Please use the grfcodec release.

Download grfcodec

Latest release in grfcodec is 6.0.4, released on 2013-07-15 19:04 UTC.

  • [ 393.4 kiB ]
    md5sum   : d83cad66ccb17b4302fab687dfbd69cb
    sha1sum  : 29ff24da89073874d61b4fd7aa87bb64170eb2c2
    sha256sum: dcdcc682772d3629ec5e384ef5b478bdd3a092d4e567d13168b1ed5b72b36c9e
  • [ 380.6 kiB ]
    md5sum   : e2c000910fd4da27fa41cd45c4de5ff5
    sha1sum  : 7f44f4eafdc005278e094e10b8743e138cd2fc6a
    sha256sum: be3a6a76ff8a7b59c5a03f39a1e0d30b9e5801753777ab16cd5fd3ac0584b8f3
  • [ 205.9 kiB ]
    md5sum   : f7006281fe7d2619b4f793928bd19843
    sha1sum  : db7e875796437b0e90dc4fe47bdc59751328d5d1
    sha256sum: 824094035ae9209c081f6eda5dde11abee387289b62fd49341a845c2da008db0
  • [ 161.9 kiB ]
    md5sum   : b12dbac296e97cf02ccf3611f72cb8ff
    sha1sum  : 64cfe05534841f2f00c93391b79e62877d00dcd6
    sha256sum: 7ec1f903cc48b73be9192a23f3fa14dc2a024d8edc4d2dfafa245e700e650cdb
  • [ 269.1 kiB ]
    md5sum   : 249392f00bea0949f7297144a14774ff
    sha1sum  : b50ac9c2db551759a5c29c1122f6a24409526ef0
    sha256sum: a0825f82bf403d4d731f3f21782f107718cd0243171dab23bb82216a3cb51dfb
  • [ 1.3 MiB ]
    md5sum   : 474277f92fde94035fde42ce45e4dcb0
    sha1sum  : 7168f41e11acb82112d9598aa8b45227c70465fc
    sha256sum: 5a359978f9ff438f53e162f658c460c8b1c2b4fffd1ae9b9a2d1d7e1f36440f4