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2005-10-16 12:43:17
Posted by TrueBrain
Today our new servers arrived to host all the main internet services for OpenTTD. Also today, we moved everything to the new servers.

The coming of the new servers mean that we will start to collect all the internet services, which are now hosted all over the world by a lot of different people, to one place. When we are done with that, we set up mirror-servers in different countries, which will duplicate everything the main servers have, so we can serve you this page even faster ;)
Currently, the servers are located in The Netherlands. Known mirror-servers will be in Hungary and possibly Germany. Currently we are NOT looking for other mirror-servers, when we do, we will announce that here.

For this I really want to thank Orudge for making it happen. Thank you!

Some things all developers/coders need to about due to recent changes:
  • - is gone. Orudge and I merged us.svn and nl.svn to one server: nl.svn.
  • - the MasterServer (in-game server-list), will be moved to this new server soon. Expect some in-game troubles with the gamelist around that time (DNS update)
If you notice any problems that you think is related to the change of servers, please report it via the BugTracker on SourceForge.