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2010-12-24 00:00:00
Posted by planetmaker
It's time again, as a little Christmas present we present the first beta of 1.1.0. As usual you'll need a graphics base set which can either be the original TTD base set or OpenGFX. New things in this release include extended support for NewGRFs (especially NewObjects), an industry chain preview and much improved handling in the GUI when loading games and configuring NewGRFs (including their parameters). There is also a new admin-interface which allows server control over another network port. Check out the whole list of changes in the changelog.

Also we recently started to provide binaries for Mac OS X again, thus this release is also available for Mac users.

At the same time we'd like to encourage people to have a thorough look at the translation into their preferred language. Now is a good time to get your language up to date for the upcoming 1.1.0 release. In order to register as translator you need an account with OpenTTD (e.g. the one you might already have for the wiki or the bug tracker) and notify the translation manager (see here for details) of their desire to help with translations.

We would like to thank everyone who has made this release possible, happy testing :-) and a good holiday season to all of you.

Note: there is a crash bug with the "autorail" feature and the version for the Windows binaries is incorrect making it impossible for a Windows client to join a non-Windows server and vice versa. Both of these issues are fixed in the nightlies and will be fixed in 1.1.0-beta2.