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2011-02-15 22:35:34
Posted by planetmaker

Submissions for our title game competitions are closed as of now and we received with 34 submissions quite a lot and very nice savegames for use of the title game with the OpenTTD 1.1 series.

The poll is open now. The designation of winning entries will be done in two steps, two voting rounds. The first voting round starts now and lasts till March 1st and the result will be a shortlist of three savegames. Everyone may vote once and nominate and rank his or her top three entries. The favourite one will get 3 points, the 2nd ranked one two and the 3rd ranked one one point. Upon closure of polls, the results will be published in detail. Votes are cast by sending me an e-mail with your ranking list of the top three savegames; use the suppied link here or on the titlegame page for a read-prepared e-mail.

The top three in cumulated points from all votes will constitute the short list for the subsequent 2nd round of votes which will then only have one winner.

Now it is up to you to judge which of the submissions will make it into the final round. Have a look through all entries on our official title game competition page where you can view screenshots of all savegames. You also have the option to download all games (4MiB) and screenshots in several sizes (400MiB!) for more convenient view offline.

We are looking forward to your votes :-)