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2011-12-07 20:48:00
Posted by TrueBrain
We would like to welcome the estimated 25+k new players in the last 24h which are brought to us by Yogscast! Tnx guys! Yogscast will be playing all kinds of cool and interesting games till christmas, make sure to check them out. If you like what they are doing (or if you are in a general good christmas mood), don't forget to help out with their goats!

Yogscast website
Yogscast Livestream
Yogscast OpenTTD Part 1 | Yogscast OpenTTD Part 2

Some interesting stats (at least for a geek like me) of the last 24h:

- 55GB of traffic (normal is ~10GB)
- 4M pageviews (normal is ~0.6M)
- 60k unique visitors (normal is ~10k)

Those are some pretty impressive numbers ;) They are a collection of Yogscast, our just released stable 1.1.4, and of course our regular visitors.

From a SysOp point of view I am very happy with our new server (thank you!), it is handling the (heavily?) increased traffic very well, and I have had no stability issues with our webserver or the software :) That makes a goat like me a happy bunny :D

Happy playing guys, and I hope you enjoy OpenTTD as much as we do!