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2012-01-07 00:00:00
Posted by planetmaker

New year and with OpenTTD 1.2.0-beta2 we present you the second testing release of the 1.2 series. Like usual for beta releases we have quite a range of bug fixes, some of which fix very nasty bugs in the network code, others which avoid crashes in certain situations.

But as it's a beta release we still have new features. Among those you can now use the game scripts to ask questions to the companies and check the NewGRF parameters also when playing.

Have fun with this new release, give it a proper swirl and test. As usual bugs go to our bug tracker, a full changelog is also available and downloads can be found on our main page.

Finally let me remind you of the titlegame competition. Playing and thus creating a nice titlegame might also be a good test ;-)