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2014-01-07 23:00:00
Posted by Zuu

Didn’t Santa give you the presents that you was longing for?

Well, we cannot help you with that, but here is the second beta for the upcoming OpenTTD 1.4.0 release. Please give it some testing and report any bugs that you may encounter to our bug tracker. Especially worth testing might be our new blitters which can give you a considerable speed gain on modern CPUs if you play with 32bpp graphics.

General questions are happily answered in our forum or on IRC.

Translators (which might be you) might now find it a good idea to review the translation of this upcoming release for strings that need attention so that the release can be shipped fully translated to your language.
We also like to remind you about the ongoing title game competition which accepts submissions till 15th February 2014, 0:00:00h UTC.

Your OpenTTD Team