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2006-06-28 22:22:14
Posted by Darkvater
[Update] Files are finally online [/Update]

We're glad to announce OpenTTD 0.4.8 RC1. This is, as the name says a release candidate. If no problems are found the final will follow shortly.

OpenTTD 0.4.8 is a service pack for 0.4.7. Many problems have been addressed, network security has been tightened, and the gameplay has been improved in overall. You can, as always, find the not-so-full list of changes in the changelog file bundled with the release.

We ask you to test the release candidate as much as you can. If everything goes right 0.4.8 final will be the last OpenTTD version before 0.5.0.
As a sidenote: a few languages miss quite a couple of strings, mainly Icelandic (20) and Galician (30); it would be nice if some translators could translate these strings over at WebTranslator2.

As always the files can be found in thze downloads section and a longer announcement over at the forums. It is possible that the files are not available at the moment, SourceForge is acting up, so please be patient.