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2006-07-14 13:43:02
Posted by TrueBrain
From 0.4.8-RC1 on, we will also release all our files via BitTorrent. 0.4.8-RC1 will be our test, to see if everything goes as we want. We like to ask you to use BitTorrent as much as possible. Uploading files to SourceForge is getting harder by the day, and as you might have noticed they had a big outage at the time of the release of 0.4.8-RC1, which gave a bit of a problem. So, to have a backup, and hopefully in the future it will be our primary, file distribution system, we launched BitTorrent. Of course SourceForge will be also available for now. You can find all the torrents here:

If you have any problems, comments, tips, suggestions or what ever, please let us know.