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2006-08-04 21:13:50
Posted by TrueBrain
[Update] Today, 19th of August, we merged TGP to the mainline, and you can see it in action in the upcoming nightlies. Bug-reports should now go to, as it is no longer in test-phase. Thank you all for testing and your feedback, you have been a great help!

[Update] Today, 9th of August, we release a new test-release. You can find them at the same URLs as below. Many bugs have been fixed, and many problems are resolved. This should be the final version. So please test it well and let us know any problems.

The last few weeks we have been working hard on a new feature, nicked TGP. Today we release the second (and hopefully final) test-version of this new feature.

In order to make sure the new feature is without bugs, we ask all of you to give it a spin. Download the binary (see below), run it, check the new features, try them a bit, and report back to us what you think of it.

TGP brings the following new features:
  • New optional landscape generator (TerraGenesis Perlin)
  • Load heightmaps (needs either SDL or PNG)
  • Progress dialog while generating worlds (no longer a 'hanging' screen)
  • New dialogs for NewGame, Create Scenario and Play Heightmap
  • Easier to configure your landscape
  • More things to configure (tree-placer, ..)
  • Speedup of world generation
  • New console command 'restart': restart the map EXACTLY as it was when you first started it (needs a game made created with OpenTTD TGP)
  • New console command 'getseed': get the seed of your map and share it with others
  • Many new, world generation related, things
  • Many internal cleanups and rewrites
  • Stats: 555 lines changed, 3609 new lines, 89 new strings
You can download this test-release from here. Bugs, problems and suggestions you can either post here or email either or
If you like to test heightmaps, you can download them via the above link too. Look for OTTD-heightmaps.

Warning: savegames created with this version of OpenTTD are _not_ loadable in other OpenTTD versions!!
Via this way we want to thank the people who helped making this possible: Belugas, DaleStan, KUDr, RichK67, Rubidium, and TrueLight (alphabetic)
Many thanks to those people who helped testing: Arnau, Bjarni, glx, and tokai (alphabetic)

Thank you for testing and we hope to bring more cool new features soon!