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2006-08-12 13:26:31
Posted by Darkvater
I'm glad to announce the final release of our 0.4 cycle. For those of you who have been following the release candidates virtually nothing has changed.
For all others the long list of fixes can be read in the changelog. You are highly encouraged to update from 0.4.7 as that version has some network vulnerabilities which can spoil multiplayer fun.

We hope you enjoy this version as much as the previous ones and continue our support. Stats show the frontpage has more than 2 million! hits every month and over 100,000 unique visitors. The previous release, 0.4.7, has been downloaded over 106,000 times just for windows. Who would've thought TTD/OpenTTD is this popular!
As always, the files are in the download section and the forum announcement is here.