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2006-11-07 11:52:05
Posted by TrueBrain
As it currently seems to be a new thing to send tons of private emails, let me clear up some things:

All communication regarding OpenTTD is expected to be in English, as all developers can read and write that. Any other language is trashed by default. Developers from time to time do reply to your email in their native language, if they know you can read it. But that is up to the developers. It is not up to you to assume they can read any other language than English!

Second, for what reason what so ever, people seem to think they should email me, TrueLight, for any question how small or little or stupid what so ever. I am _not_ an active developer of OpenTTD. The only thing I manage are the web-services of OpenTTD. Please do NOT contact me about anything else.

Your best way in for any communication really is the forum. Else you might want to try the If you really want to email someone, please email the Lead Developer, which currently is But again, use the English language for that communication.

I thank you for your understanding.