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2004-10-21 16:36:29
Posted by Darkvater
Happy XMas all!

Oh.. and a nice present: OpenTTD 0.3.5

Some of the features introduced in this version:

  • [Network] New network, very stable, a lot of new features
  • [Network] Ingame Serverlist (with online game-servers to join)
  • [Network] Webbased Serverlist:
  • [Network] Added dedicated server support
  • [Network] Cheat protection in MultiPlayer
  • [Network] Patch settings are also synced with the server
  • [Network] Chat
  • Custom currency settings
  • Per-station vehicle lists
  • More realistically sized catchment areas
  • Sticky windows
  • Even better support for newgrf-files
  • Implement improved vehicle loading algorithm
  • Even more advanced console
  • Game compiles under BEOS_SERVER
  • Game compiles under OS/2 (no network-support)
  • OpenTTD runs with the grf files of the DOS version
  • [Big Endian computers, which are mac and MorphOS]: are able to load savegames by TTD(Patch)
  • Many more new things...
As usual you can get the files from the " Project" website.