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2008-09-17 23:39:44
Posted by TrueBrain

As of today, we have valid Mac OS X Binaries (for the new nightlies) again.

As some of you might know, the binaries produces in the last few months were known to fail on Mac OS X 10.5 Intel. Since the new compile-farm we suspended Mac OS X completely for that reason, till we would find a solution for all Mac OS X versions. After a long 24 hours today, battling all the tools, even patching a few of them, I finally managed to produce valid binaries again, for all targets.

As you can understand I personally am very happy about this. Mostly because when you search the Internet, you find all sources telling you it can't be done (creating Mac OS X 10.5 Intel compatible binaries via a cross compiler). Well .. have I proven them wrong ;) With a big thanks to the guys of iphone-dev, who continues to work on odcctools, and Bjarni for helping me supply the requested files (which in fact took most of the 24 hours I worked on this :p), we now have working binaries.

If you wonder how we did it, I wrote down what I did (well, it in fact is very simple, you just need to know what to download from where, and you need to patch a few things). You can find the howto here: Just please remember I give no support what so ever on this, that document is for internal reference only.

Well, good luck to all you OS X users, I hope you enjoy our nightlies again!