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2013-06-25 23:36:00
Posted by Rubidium
Today we updated to change a library to support Brahmic languages (e.g. Tamil and Thai). If you want to compile upcoming releases/nightlies/trunk you have to update.

If you do not compile OpenTTD yourself or you are not using Microsoft's compiler you will not be affected.
2013-06-01 00:00:00
Posted by planetmaker

Meteorologically it's now summer, and should the weather not agree with that, then now is a good time to update your OpenTTD version to OpenTTD 1.3.1. It's the first maintenance release in the 1.3 series. Additional to the changes as found already in the release candidate a possible crash when overbuilding reserved station tracks was fixed.

Should you stumble over any bugs or issues with this version, please report them.

Enjoy and happy building!
Your OpenTTD team

2013-05-17 22:00:00
Posted by planetmaker

Time for an update to our 1.3 series. With the first release candidate to OpenTTD 1.3.1 we even ship a few features related to translations:
The translators of Scottish Gaelic and Faroese have been very busy so we now ship also those translations. Generally there are now slightly improved translations of the base sets.

Of course being a bug-fix release there's also a lot of bug fixes which accumulated since the release of 1.3.0. Notably there's a number of fixes related to sound effects and vehicle speeds.

You find the full list of changes and fixes in the changelog. Please give this version a sound test and report any bugs and probelms you encounter in our bug tracker.

Have fun!
Your OpenTTD team

2013-04-01 00:00:00
Posted by frosch
The first quarter of 2013 is over, so it's time for the first release of the 1.3 series. If you are tired of hopping around and hiding chocolate eggs everywhere, this might be your chance to relax with building some tracks.

On the download page you will also find the complete change log, listing all features, changes and fixes since 1.2.3. If you haven't followed the beta and RC stages, you should take a look at the new game scripts and NewGRF via the in-game content download, which become available when using 1.3.0.

Thanks to all testers involved during the alpha and beta. If you didn't help testing, and now find a bug... well, I guess you are still allowed to report it to our bug tracker :)

Have Fun and Good Game!
2013-03-18 08:00:00
Posted by planetmaker

Here comes OpenTTD 1.3.0-RC3 with a number of fixes and a new titlegame for the 1.3 series. Congratulations to Emperor Jake on creating that savegame. The changelog is found in the usual place. Hopefully it can be the last of the release candidates for the upcoming stable release.

Please help test this release candidate and thus help us to make sure that the stable release really deserves its name :-) Any bugs you encounter go as usual to our bug tracker

Enjoy and thanks for your support!