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2011-04-01 01:01:00
Posted by frosch
After a long travel through various betas and RCs we finally arrived: Today we released OpenTTD 1.1.0, the new stable version!

Though there was a bit of stumbling involved in the stabilisation process around RC1 and RC2, there was only need for one single fix after RC3. So, enjoy stableness! Alternatively you could enjoy lavishing us with bug reports for 1.1.0 and force a soon 1.1.1 :p

Also note, that this release is again available for Mac OSX, and also the Windows 9x build succeeded. You can find the download and the complete changelog since 1.0.5 behind the links on the top-left of this page.

Have fun with OpenTTD 1.1.0, or only do serious stuff today!
2011-03-18 23:42:44
Posted by frosch
We are getting closer to OpenTTD 1.1.0. Today we released the third release candidate.

Most noticeable is the new intro game, which was determined via a competition over the past weeks/months. We would like to thank all participants submitting pleasing games to look at! They were all nice, but only 3 could advance to the second round. Interestingly one of each of the 3 'normal' climates made it there. In the end the final vote turned out quite close; Romazoon's tropic game won by a narrow margin of 2 votes.

Now, enjoy the new intro game, and - of course - the bugfixes, which OpenTTD 1.1.0-RC3 offers as well :) Nevertheless, please keep on reporting bugs to our bug tracker.
2011-03-04 23:13:13
Posted by frosch
In case your plan was to help testing RC1 over the weekend: We are sorry. However, you are welcome to help testing RC2 :)

The second release candidate contains a lot of bug fixes and is a big step forward to stabilising OpenTTD 1.1. Unlike previous betas and RC1 it does not offer any new features though. But more stability is also a gameplay-improvement! You can find the download in the usual spot together with the changelog. Please report any bugs to our bugtracker. Don't be afraid to register at the bugtracker, fixing bugs often requires bi-directional communication between reporters and developers.

Finally you should note that voting round 1 of the title game competition has been closed. The best three advanced to round 2 and you can now vote for one of them to become the title game of the 1.1.x series of OpenTTD! Go straight to the voting page; you do not even have to register for voting :p
2011-02-18 23:45:02
Posted by planetmaker

Let us present: the first release candidate for the upcoming OpenTTD 1.1.0. Next to a few new features like a minimal industry density setting or a much improved UI of the console by allowing mouse scrolling there, a well-sized list of bugs has been addressed since the last beta release, among them a number of bugs which crashed OpenTTD under certain conditions. See the full changelog here.

Please test this release candidate and report any bugs and problems you encounter with it in our bug tracker in order to help us improve the game further and make sure the final release for 1.1.0 will even be better and more stable.


2011-02-15 22:35:34
Posted by planetmaker

Submissions for our title game competitions are closed as of now and we received with 34 submissions quite a lot and very nice savegames for use of the title game with the OpenTTD 1.1 series.

The poll is open now. The designation of winning entries will be done in two steps, two voting rounds. The first voting round starts now and lasts till March 1st and the result will be a shortlist of three savegames. Everyone may vote once and nominate and rank his or her top three entries. The favourite one will get 3 points, the 2nd ranked one two and the 3rd ranked one one point. Upon closure of polls, the results will be published in detail. Votes are cast by sending me an e-mail with your ranking list of the top three savegames; use the suppied link here or on the titlegame page for a read-prepared e-mail.

The top three in cumulated points from all votes will constitute the short list for the subsequent 2nd round of votes which will then only have one winner.

Now it is up to you to judge which of the submissions will make it into the final round. Have a look through all entries on our official title game competition page where you can view screenshots of all savegames. You also have the option to download all games (4MiB) and screenshots in several sizes (400MiB!) for more convenient view offline.

We are looking forward to your votes :-)