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2011-02-04 23:15:30
Posted by planetmaker

Time for yet another beta release in the 1.1.0 series. Quite some bugs have been fixed since the last beta and a few further additions have been made and the advanced settings saw some major cleanup. You can view the complete changelog at the usual location.

Please report any bugs you might find in this version in our bug tracker so that OpenTTD will become even better and more stable for the upcoming stable release.

Don't miss further changes, bug fixes and the upcoming release candidates :-)

2011-01-24 22:26:01
Posted by planetmaker
The first betas of the upcoming OpenTTD 1.1.0 have already been released and we're looking for a new title game.
As done successfully for the last major branch, the 1.0 series, we also hold a title game competition this year. The exact requirements on the map are laid out in the thread in our forum dedicated to the title game competition. In order to participate you simply add your title game suggestion to that thread. Possibly post for quick orientation a screenshot as the overall screenshot overview cannot be updated daily. Deadline for submissions is February 14th - so join the competition for the nicest and best show-off map for the OpenTTD title game of the OpenTTD 1.1 series :-).

After submissions are closed, the general public (so also you!) may vote on the entries in two rounds: first round of votes will be held in order to select a few for a short list. The subsequent final round will choose among these finalists.
2011-01-21 03:17:55
Posted by SmatZ
Dear players, developers and admins,

another step for 1.1.0 has been made, the beta4. It contains a lot of bugfixes, including fix for crash/hangup on opening the smallmap window on big-endian platforms and several savegame conversion fixes.
Apart from that, important changes are in the Place Object and Build Rail Station windows. Now, you can select the item you want from a graphical preview - see the forum.
Many players and NewGRF developers will welcome better support for NewGRF railtypes, and server admins can now (re)set the password of any company.

List of important changes is in the changelog - it's even longer than the changelog for beta2 and beta3.

Any bugs you find should be reported at our bug tracker - please report them, as it makes OpenTTD better :-)

Stay tuned for further betas and/or RCs - not talking about the final 1.1.0 release :-)
2011-01-09 17:58:53
Posted by frosch
The next beta for 1.1 is available. This first release in 2011 fixes again some bugs for further stabilising, but also adds a few features. Most noticeable: Server admins can now define limits for terraforming, both to prevent vandalism as well as forcing the player to build with the landscape.

Please enjoy the new beta release, and report any issues spoiling the fun to our bug tracker. You can find the download as usual on the top-left of this page.
2010-12-31 18:00:00
Posted by planetmaker
Time for a new beta release for the upcoming 1.1 branch of OpenTTD. Most importantly the annoying bug which crashed OpenTTD under some conditions when building rails has been fixed as well as a number of other smaller issues. We also have two new features, one allows to log the activity via the admin port and the other allows all Estonians to play with the correct currency also as of tomorrow.

Have fun, happy testing, happy new year and as usual feed back is welcome, bugs go to our bug tracker.