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2010-11-20 22:24:23
Posted by frosch
It's time for a release: OpenTTD 1.0.5. As usual it contains a fine assortment of bugfixes from various areas and updated translations. It also fixes CVE-2010-4168. Thanks to all testers.

Now, go straight for the download at the top, and have fun!
2010-11-14 16:30:11
Posted by frosch
Some quite old - but still obvious - bugs turned up. So we decided to delay the release of 1.0.5 and went for another release candidate instead. Please help testing OpenTTD 1.0.5-RC2, so we can get a nice release before the year passes, and other things turn up 8-)

You can find the download at the top left of this page. Please report any bugs to our bugtracker. Thanks in advance!
2010-10-31 16:47:20
Posted by planetmaker

A lazy weekend passed for some (like me), but others were busy gathering the bug fixes of the last weeks and made them available in the 1.0 branch, including fixes for some nasty crashes and annoying GUI glitches. So maybe you feel like testing our newest release candidate, 1.0.5-RC1 and help to make sure that the upcoming stable 1.0.5 really deserves the attribute 'stable'. Should you find any bugs, please report them to our bug tracker.

Downloads of the new 1.0.5-RC1 release are available as usual from the link on the top left of this page.

2010-09-14 20:36:00
Posted by frosch
Today we released OpenTTD 1.0.4. Nothing seriously was reported since the release candidate, and as we are confident the testers did a good job, we are also confident that it is a nice release!

Note that there is a new translation available in the release: You can now also enjoy OpenTTD in Belarusian. A good moment to thank all translators continuously maintaining and updating the translations.

If you are missing the translation into your native language, just join the team at our WebTranslator and become a translator on your own!
2010-08-30 21:59:00
Posted by frosch
Weekend is over, the next week has started already... do you need an excuse to have some fun? :) How about pl testing a software product? Here is a release candidate for a serious transport simulation - well, ok it's OpenTTD.

Please help testing OpenTTD 1.0.4-RC1, it contains a bunch of bug fixes, again including some desync issues. You can have fun playing, and if you find an issue, you can report it at, and offer us some fun fixing it in return :p You can reach the download and detailed changelog as usual by following the link in the topleft of this page.