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2010-04-21 21:15:00
Posted by frosch
The first fruits of testing have been gathered. Thank you! Now, get ready for the next tree: OpenTTD 1.0.1-RC2 :)

You can find the download and changelog as usual at the very top left of this page. Every tester is welcome! Also note that the recent zlib-related problems with content download got resolved.
2010-04-18 00:31:18
Posted by frosch
More users result in more bugreports, which result in more bug fixes, which result in more releases. So, it's time for the first release candidate for 1.0.1.

For the new users, who are not yet aware of OpenTTD's versioning schema: 1.0.1 is going to be a bugfix release, so do not expect any big features. Most noticeable are some desync fixes. So please help testing the release candidate, so 1.0.1 becomes as stable as possible.
2010-04-17 12:32:05
Posted by frosch
A note for some Unix/Linux/OSX users: Content download will not work for users of zlib to (including) 1.2.4. Either downgrade zlib, or wait for the next release of zlib which is said to be expected in a few days. This issue affects all versions of OpenTTD that have content downloading, i.e. everything since 0.7.0.
Users of our precompiled Windows binaries are not affected by this.
2010-04-01 00:00:00
Posted by frosch
6 years. What were you doing 6 years ago?

In March 2004 OpenTTD 0.1 was released. Hardly a month later in April 2004 OpenTTD 0.2. And today, six years later... OpenTTD 1.0.0. It was a lot of work, hundreds of thousands of translations, tens of thousands of commits, thousands of graphics, hundreds of patches, dozen of sounds and musics, and one goal. How many people contributed? Dozen of artists, translators and developers, hundreds of testers and bug reporters, and also the thousands of players. Looking at the readmes and credit sections only gives a small hint. Some of those who were main contributors left long ago, and there are only a few who know them all and talked to them once via IRC or the forums. But if you consider all contributors, including those of the used libraries, and the external artists of OpenSFX... Well, then most likely not every contributor actually knows OpenTTD :)

So in the end, what was most fun in the past 6 years of OpenTTD? Playing? Contributing? Modding? Talking? Or just taking part in a large crowed moving in one direction? One direction? Well, at least in bigger scope :) But in more detail there were quite some parties involved in the process. Sometimes pulling in the same direction, sometimes maybe pulling in slightly different ones. Let's just mention some of the projects around OpenTTD which influenced it in this or that direction: The various integrated builds and patchpacks, first of all the MiniIN. Then the first Town Growth Challenge, TTDPatch, #openttdcoop, Goal Servers and the big patches (Subsidiaries, YAPF, YAPP, CargoDist, 32bpp & ExtraZoom). And not everything which made it into main trunk was happy sunshine, just to mention the first approach to Path Based Signalling, or the attempts around the AI.

But when looking back, most turned out fun. Thank you!
2010-03-18 01:05:13
Posted by Rubidium
Today we have released our third and hopefully last release candidate for 1.0.0.