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2008-04-18 20:53:16
Posted by Rubidium
Dear Users,

Due to a migration of the OpenTTD services to another physical server there will be some downtime. The downtime is expected to occur between 19:00 and 22:00 UTC on Saturday April 19th.

This also means that the master server, the server that tells you which servers are online, will not be available for a while.

We thank you for your understanding and we hope you can survive for a little while without those services.

2008-04-01 00:02:25
Posted by glx
Finally the release of OpenTTD 0.6.0 has come. It brings you, amongst other things:
  • newhouses
  • newindustries
  • signals and diagonal tracks under bridges
  • trams
  • autoslope
  • oneway roads
  • half tile slopes
  • drive through road stops
  • group management of vehicles
  • timetables
2008-03-26 17:00:02
Posted by Belugas
And announcing the long awaited first Release Candidate of the version 0.6
Fortunately, with all the testings that went through with the betas, it should not take too long to have a final release. Let's hope for the best.

So, let the good time roll, as well as the trains!

2008-03-04 20:34:16
Posted by Belugas
Hope you don't mind, because it's time once more for the drill of releasing yet another beta.
This beta does smell like the last one before the RC1.
I know, i've said that before. Or something very similar...

So, it you could give it a little more testing, the final version might very well be around before spring.
Tick Tock, Time is ticking...
2008-02-19 00:59:09
Posted by Belugas
Tonight we have released the fourth beta of the 0.6(.0) series . This one has his share of features as well as many bug fixes. Hopefully, now, we are near the release of the first candidate of the official version. Ladies and gentlemen, to your testing stations!