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2007-09-01 15:08:31
Posted by TrueBrain
Less than 24 hours after the start of our fundraiser, we are happy to tell you that we reached, and exceeded, our goal. We raised a total of £310.12 within 20 hours. We thank you very much for your support, it is great to know we have such a supportive community behind us, and it motivates us even more to continue what we do: improve a great game to become even more great.

Although we have enough to support our current hosting needs, we would love to buy our own dedicated server, so we can run the nightly builds on our own system. Currently it is kindly donated by one of our users, but we already know this won't be for ever. By buying our own dedicated server, we ensure ourselves of nightly builds now and in the future. Therefore we do ask you to continue to donate to support us. Not much more is needed to reach that goal. But as we don't see it are primary goal, we won't put it into a fundraiser. Even so, we thank you very much for anything you can do for us.

As this was our first fundraiser ever for OpenTTD, we had no idea what to expect. But we are truly surprised by your support. Such a large amount in such a short time. We are truly grateful, and hope you will keep enjoying OpenTTD as we do.

Thank you all once again!
2007-08-31 21:14:58
Posted by TrueBrain
In the last few months we have seen our bandwidth usage grow, and with that the webhosting bill. As the banners on the site no longer provide us with enough money to pay for it, and as the developers are all volunteers, we ask you for your help.

ISeeR kindly sponsors us by taking 50% of the bill for their account. A portion of the remaining money is paid by the banners. An other part is paid by part of the donations we received so far from all of you (thank you very much for that!). For the remaining part we truly need your support.

Our goal is to raise £250. This should be enough to get us through the next year. If we raise more than £250, we can buy more diskspace, so we can continue to have our big nightly archive. Currently it is hitting the limits of our allowed diskusage, and forces us to remove old binaries.

Current amount: £310.12 / £250

Any donation is welcome. We thank you very much for your support, and hope you will keep on enjoying OpenTTD!

Although the fundraiser is over, you can still donate. Your support is still much appreciated!

How to donate? Please check the donate page.
2007-08-31 09:37:17
Posted by Bjarni
We released another release candidate with some more bug fixes. This time the list of changes is actually rather long and it's highly recommended to get RC3 if you already use release candidates.
2007-07-07 21:16:17
Posted by Rubidium
Today we have released 0.5.3-RC2. Something we really did not want to do, but due to a very easily triggered crash in 0.5.3-RC1 we were not sure the rest of the backports have gotten their share of testing.
2007-06-28 18:05:32
Posted by Rubidium
Today we have released 0.5.3-RC1. This release fixes a lot of smaller bugs that have been standing for a long time as well as some genuine crashes.

Note:this release candidate (sometimes) crashes when trains go over bridges.