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2007-06-10 09:25:18
Posted by blathijs
There has been an error in the Debian 0.5.2 packages, that made them uninstallable. The error has been fixed and new packages are now available on the download page. This only applies to packages downloaded manually from here, packages retrieved by apt are fine.
2007-06-06 14:39:35
Posted by blathijs
Greetings from the dutch r10000 party. We're having lot's of fun, and boekabart even brought a cake! We've made a screenshot of it, check the screenshots section.
2007-05-29 19:29:41
Posted by Rubidium
Today we have released 0.5.2, the second bugfix release of the 0.5 series. We suggest that all users of 0.5.1 and 0.5.0 upgrade to this version as it fixes a bug that could crash all clients and the server in a network game. This being a bugfix release means that no new features have been added, nevertheless you can have lots of fun with this release.
2007-05-16 23:12:54
Posted by Rubidium
This minor release is primarily meant to fix a bug that sneaked itself into 0.5.1. It is, however, not the only bug that has been fixed in this release.

For more information you can look at the topic on the forum.
2007-04-21 19:11:25
Posted by TrueBrain
For some weeks now we removed MorphOS from the nightly compiles, because there was a big problem with the compiler we used for MorphOS. But today we resolved those problems (with a big thanks to tokai, Rubidium and TrueLight), and so the MorphOS nightlies are back! This means that MorphOS is again official supported and that there will be a MorphOS version of 0.6 (till today, this was not certain yet).

So to our MorphOS users: enjoy the game!