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2007-05-16 23:12:54
Posted by Rubidium
This minor release is primarily meant to fix a bug that sneaked itself into 0.5.1. It is, however, not the only bug that has been fixed in this release.

For more information you can look at the topic on the forum.
2007-04-21 19:11:25
Posted by TrueBrain
For some weeks now we removed MorphOS from the nightly compiles, because there was a big problem with the compiler we used for MorphOS. But today we resolved those problems (with a big thanks to tokai, Rubidium and TrueLight), and so the MorphOS nightlies are back! This means that MorphOS is again official supported and that there will be a MorphOS version of 0.6 (till today, this was not certain yet).

So to our MorphOS users: enjoy the game!
2007-04-20 20:28:30
Posted by Rubidium
After long waiting we present OpenTTD 0.5.1. It's basically OpenTTD 0.5.0 with a fairly long list of all kinds of bugfixes, ranging from a desync to some Unicode fixes. For more information you can look at the topic on the forum.

Have fun with this new release!
2007-04-17 21:03:08
Posted by Rubidium
This is hopefully the last RC for 0.5.1. I really do hope so. Furthermore it took way too long before we could release RC3, but that was due to time constraints in real life (yes we do have one). The most important fixes are for nasty bugs introduced in RC2.

For more information you can look at the topic on the forum.
2007-04-11 21:30:11
Posted by blathijs

As of yesterday, openttd packages are available from the Debian archives. While debian packages have been available for download from Sourceforge since 0.3.5, Debian unstable users can now simply use apt to install and upgrade openttd.

The package should also be available for users of Debian testing shortly. Unfortunately, we have missed the release of the current Debian stable (etch), but we will try to include openttd in the archives soon for users of Debian stable.

Thanks go out to Jordi Mallach for helping me with packaging and uploading the package to Debian. See also this forum topic.