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2007-04-20 20:28:30
Posted by Rubidium
After long waiting we present OpenTTD 0.5.1. It's basically OpenTTD 0.5.0 with a fairly long list of all kinds of bugfixes, ranging from a desync to some Unicode fixes. For more information you can look at the topic on the forum.

Have fun with this new release!
2007-04-17 21:03:08
Posted by Rubidium
This is hopefully the last RC for 0.5.1. I really do hope so. Furthermore it took way too long before we could release RC3, but that was due to time constraints in real life (yes we do have one). The most important fixes are for nasty bugs introduced in RC2.

For more information you can look at the topic on the forum.
2007-04-11 21:30:11
Posted by blathijs

As of yesterday, openttd packages are available from the Debian archives. While debian packages have been available for download from Sourceforge since 0.3.5, Debian unstable users can now simply use apt to install and upgrade openttd.

The package should also be available for users of Debian testing shortly. Unfortunately, we have missed the release of the current Debian stable (etch), but we will try to include openttd in the archives soon for users of Debian stable.

Thanks go out to Jordi Mallach for helping me with packaging and uploading the package to Debian. See also this forum topic.

2007-03-23 23:45:00
Posted by Rubidium
Even though I would have liked to release 0.5.1, there was a serious bug in 0.5.1-RC1 that meant it didn't get the testing it needed to make this 0.5.1. We hope to release 0.5.1 pretty soon though. For more information about this release, see the forum topic.
2007-03-20 22:55:01
Posted by Rubidium
Less than a month after the final release of 0.5.0 the list of bug in 0.5.0 was so big that we have started the release cycle for the 0.5.1 bugfix release.

In this release you can find a few new small features like an extra news group for opening and closing industries so you can disable all those industry production changes and still get notified when industries are created or shut down.
The most noticable fix for people who like to play with the AI is that AI processor consumption has been greatly reduced, although at the price of some intelligence. Furthermore some crashes and a desync have been fixed.

As the installation of the Microsft Unicode layer for Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME proved to be difficult for people (yes, reading is difficult), there is now a special win9x build for those platforms. Users of Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista should continue to use the win32 binary.

Take a look at the forum post for more information about this release.