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2015-02-24 22:00:00
Posted by Alberth
The mountains should now be glitch-free, so they are safe to conquer by train, road vehicle, aircraft, and even by ship! In addition, improvements were made to zoomed guis, for more fun at the high resolution screens.
There are other features and fixes too, for the full log, see the changelog. If you are more interested in playing, download here.

The new beta is just perfect for checking out the results of the title game competition, after looking at the screenshots and sending in your votes.

Have fun climbing the mountains,
The OpenTTD team
2015-02-10 22:00:00
Posted by planetmaker

In the last years we had a competition for a titlegame to be shipped with the stable releases - and we'd like to do the same with the releases of the 1.5 series.

I'd like to invite all interested parties to create a nice savegame which makes a good showcase for and a nice introduction to OpenTTD.

Deadline for submissions is 22nd February 2015, 0:00:00h UTC. For all details please, including submission guides and voting procedure, see our forum thread this forum thread. In short: use only unmodified OpenTTD without any NewGRFs, AIs or GameScripts.

We are looking forward to your titlegame submissions!

2014-12-24 21:24:00
Posted by frosch
Ho ho ho!

Did Santa drop off the presents you liked? Did you miss one? Oh, you did not find any compact disk with the new OpenTTD under the tree? Well, Santa is not your grandpa. So, of course presents are delivered in digital form nowadays, ready for you to download.

The first beta release of OpenTTD 1.5 has all the goodies from 2014: Hierarchical vehicle groups, update-able NewGRF presets, custom vehicle list filtering, more heightlevels for maps, and a scaleable user interface for your new 3K display! What, you didn't get one? Hmm, maybe Santa focussed too much on digital stuff then...

You can pay Santa back that oversight by reporting bugs: If you find issues, please report them to the bugtracker, so the Easter bunny can do better.

Happy holidays, and a happy new year!
Your OpenTTD team
2014-10-22 20:00:00
Posted by Rubidium
A new stable has been released. Its major features are fixes for crashes, specifically when changing full animation settings when chat messages are shown and due to incorrect ownership transfer of road depots upon bankruptcy.

For the full log, see the changelog. You can download the new stable version from the usual place.

Have fun!
The OpenTTD team
2014-10-08 21:30:00
Posted by planetmaker

We're moving quickly forward towards the next stable release version, starting with its first RC, 1.4.4-RC1. This version fixes a crash which happened in some cases when 'full animation' was enabled in multiplayer mode. Also a small issue with cargo handling with cargo dist was fixed and compilation issues for a few less-frequently used platforms were resolved. Find the full changelog here.

Please test this release candidate thoroughly so that the next release will be best and most stable OpenTTD ever :) If you find any issues, please make use of our bug tracker.

Your OpenTTD team