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2006-11-29 12:59:15
Posted by TrueBrain
Some days ago, we tried to upgrade all compilers for the nightlies (at the compile-farm we use) to GCC 4.1.1. Also, we tried to switch to a glibc version which is nptlonly (for linux targets). While doing this, we broke the whole system. After hours of fiddling, we managed to get it back to work again, and today we finally got all compilers to reach version 4.1.1, which for example fixes the nightly problems for win32. The only target remaining behind is MorphOS, which is using GCC 2.95.3, but that has a completely different story, and doesn't give any real problems at all.

So, so summarize the above: enjoy the new nightlies :)
2006-11-07 11:52:05
Posted by TrueBrain
As it currently seems to be a new thing to send tons of private emails, let me clear up some things:

All communication regarding OpenTTD is expected to be in English, as all developers can read and write that. Any other language is trashed by default. Developers from time to time do reply to your email in their native language, if they know you can read it. But that is up to the developers. It is not up to you to assume they can read any other language than English!

Second, for what reason what so ever, people seem to think they should email me, TrueLight, for any question how small or little or stupid what so ever. I am _not_ an active developer of OpenTTD. The only thing I manage are the web-services of OpenTTD. Please do NOT contact me about anything else.

Your best way in for any communication really is the forum. Else you might want to try the If you really want to email someone, please email the Lead Developer, which currently is But again, use the English language for that communication.

I thank you for your understanding.
2006-09-26 16:40:51
Posted by TrueBrain
[Update] - All hardware is moved, and all services should be operational again.

3 October 2006, around 08:30 UTC, all webservices of OpenTTD will be down for 2 to 3 hours, because of hardware movement.

The servers, where most of the services are currently located (RedBus, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), have to be moved to a new location (Eweka DataCenter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Because it involes hardware movement, all servers and other related hardware (network, ...) will be shut down, moved to the new location, to be put back online there. We expect it will take around 2 hours to do the movement, and possible an other one for problem solving.

Services involved are: www, dev-space, master-server (also the in-game server-list), mail(list), SVN and torrents.
Services that will be ineffected: bugs, wiki, nightly and translator.
Around 11:30 UTC it should all be up and running again. We will let you know when it does.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a mail to
2006-08-29 19:04:44
Posted by Darkvater
The screenshots page has been update with new images. Thank you all for sending them in.
2006-08-12 15:22:57
Posted by TrueBrain
Today we moved to a new IRC Network: OFTC. For a long time we were having minor and some bigger problems with FreeNode. Today we decided that this has been enough (for all kinds of reasons) and followed #debian in their action.

If you want more information about why we moved, feel free to contact either Bjarni or TrueLight. They can explain the reason in great detail.

You can now find us at:, in #openttd. We hope you all move with us.