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2006-03-13 16:08:14
Posted by TrueBrain
Currently, we are in the process of making electric rail available in OpenTTD! Because this involves a lot of big changes, we are creating it outside of the main development. Therefore, it isn't included in the nightlies. But, no need to be sad, you can download the latest version of elrail here:

Warning: using 'elrail' can unrecoverable damage your savegame, which can't be loaded by any version of OpenTTD. Do not report bugs related to this. You have been warned!

Electric Rail - Binaries

If you find problems in it, please don't report them via the webpage, but send a mail to or post them at the forum-topic. Please read the BUGS file before doing so.

Also, don't be shy to tell Celestar what a great job he did!
2006-02-01 00:26:46
Posted by Darkvater
A long time in the making, more than 8 months, OpenTTD 0.4.5 has finally been released. Improved multi-player, newgrf, autoreplace and countless other fixes/features have been added. Also the downloads are quite bigger than the last one as you can see because we have included 16 scenarios with the release; a result of a semi-contest on the forums. We hope you enjoy them.

As usual, you can find the release on SourceForge.

2006-01-04 15:52:19
Posted by TrueBrain
As experiment, we set up 2 official OpenTTD servers. You can find them under 'Official OpenTTD Server #', or via /

When this experiment is a success, more Official Servers will be launched over time, all with different settings. Feel free to join the servers and play around.

For any questions and/or comments, contact me, TrueLight (see contact for contact information).
2005-12-25 13:49:09
Posted by Darkvater
We are happy to announce our first received award in a hopefully long list to come. OpenTTD has won first prize of the HUP community (HUP = Hungarian Unix Portal) reader's choice contest in category 'Favourite Free Game'. You can read the official announcement here (Hungarian).
The accompanying logo will be put up shortly in its own honourable space as soon as I figure out where to put it exactly ;). Until then...

HUP reader's choice award 2005
2005-12-10 19:52:59
Posted by TrueBrain
Because SDL caused a lot of problems in the OSX port, 'egladil' decided to write native video- and sound drivers. Due to this, people should have less problems when compiling themselves. It also fixes some runtime issues like the lazy-pointer crash and the crash that occasionally happened when resizing the window in window mode. In theory the native drivers should be faster as well.

We really need people to use the native drivers to find any issues in them, so we highly recommend that people download the OSX binary without SDL and report any problems they encounter. The SDL build will still be made for a while, just in case the native driver fails on something important, but eventually they will be discontinued. At that time, all (hopefully none), issues should have been found and fixed.

For questions, suggestions or problems, please contact Bjarni (see contact page).