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2005-05-21 22:03:56
Posted by Darkvater
Yes so soon :). This is a hotfix release where several issues with 0.4.0 have been fixed. Some crashes don''t happen anymore, signs work, etc. Otherwise it has no new features, but we urge you to use this one instead of 0.4.0.

As usual, you can find the release on SourceForge.

2005-05-15 22:17:15
Posted by Darkvater
It has been a while, but finally OpenTTD 0.4.0 is out. Things took a bit longer than expected, and everyone was busy, but it is done. Expect yet another major update. This time bigger maps, "unlimited" amount of towns, industries, stations, etc., heavily improved and protected network-gameplay, a new, smart, pathfinder, multiple busstops, etc. Too much to say all at once.
Download 0.4.0 right now and enjoy the game!

Links at: SourceForge

2005-01-25 01:24:15
Posted by TrueBrain
The OpenTTD team is proud to announce version 0.3.6 of OpenTTD merely a month since 0.3.5 was released. A ton of fixes and new features so enjoy!

For all changes, etc. read the changelog included with the release or head over to for the full listing.

Downloads at: SourceForge

2004-10-21 16:36:29
Posted by Darkvater
Happy XMas all!

Oh.. and a nice present: OpenTTD 0.3.5

Some of the features introduced in this version:

  • [Network] New network, very stable, a lot of new features
  • [Network] Ingame Serverlist (with online game-servers to join)
  • [Network] Webbased Serverlist:
  • [Network] Added dedicated server support
  • [Network] Cheat protection in MultiPlayer
  • [Network] Patch settings are also synced with the server
  • [Network] Chat
  • Custom currency settings
  • Per-station vehicle lists
  • More realistically sized catchment areas
  • Sticky windows
  • Even better support for newgrf-files
  • Implement improved vehicle loading algorithm
  • Even more advanced console
  • Game compiles under BEOS_SERVER
  • Game compiles under OS/2 (no network-support)
  • OpenTTD runs with the grf files of the DOS version
  • [Big Endian computers, which are mac and MorphOS]: are able to load savegames by TTD(Patch)
  • Many more new things...
As usual you can get the files from the " Project" website.
2004-10-03 11:52:45
Posted by Darkvater
Well, it has been a while.

Network is nearing to a finished state. The other part, a complete rewrite of the code structure to allow for almost complete freedom in building (stations underground, curved tunnels, signals on bridges, supports, etc. etc.) has however met a slight delay, as school/work has caught up with most members of the development team.