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Translation Teams move to GitHub

Today is a big day for translations of OpenTTD! Translators are now organised as teams of our GitHub organisation.

That means:

  • You no longer need an OpenTTD-specific account to become a translator: you can use GitHub accounts for most OpenTTD things now. (bug tracker, BaNaNaS, translations, development, …)
  • Becoming a translator is now super easy: you just click a few buttons to become a member of the team.
  • There is one team for each language, which allows the translators to get to know each other, and have group conversations within the team.

There is only one downside:

  • Everyone who was a translator before needs to reapply.

While this is good news for all translators, this is also a great step forward for our infrastructure: after migrating the source code and bug tracker in 2019, this year we could migrate BaNaNaS and the WebTranslator. This only leaves the Wiki as the last service that still needs an OpenTTD-specific account. (guess what task is next?)