This plugin enables OpenTTDā€™s integration with GOG Galaxy. You need OpenTTD 14.0 or later.

For Linux / Windows, to install the plugin, extract the download into your social_integration folder under your personal / shared directory. For MacOS, simply run the Install.

At any time, when OpenTTD is not running, you can remove the plugin from the social_integration folder to disable the integration.

For all binaries officially released by us we publish the MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 checksums. You can use these checksums to check whether the file you downloaded has been modified. All three checksums should match the file you downloaded; if this is not the case it means that either the file didn't come from us or that it got broken during transport. Either way it might possibly contain dangerous modifications and the file should therefore not be trusted!

Download stable

Latest stable release in gog-galaxy-social is 1.0.1, released on 2024-02-01 09:52 UTC.

Changelog ]

Developer Files

These files are not required to play, and do not add anything to the game. They can be useful for programmers who want to diagnose crash bugs.

  • [ 168.4 KiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : 91ac5cb5f9e580e0646a58ae17f8693b
    sha1sum  : 1215b9d2405be9fec6dab917f13d5fdc70514a13
    sha256sum: 6b61abbff10facf8a14f6e2bf2bb53c6ee07117292215101e6a781dbfcae56d6
  • [ 186.2 KiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : 9926235809e7db0f39ad101ee12e10be
    sha1sum  : 13c763c735173f9fa906edd7e00b4180cb8cbac5
    sha256sum: 9eefaeddf52c407e279a1945fabf0c03d826a66bcd727bd762f1369329cd1b25