An above-the-snowline game featuring with densely clustered industries and lots of trams.

Recent News

OpenTTD 1.10.2

It’s fix time!

Lots of fixes this time round, notably several stability fixes to multiplayer - lots of possible desync bugs snuck in, hopefully we’ve caught them all now.

As a new “feature”, we’re now providing packages for Ubuntu 20.04 as well.


BaNaNaS v1.5 launched

Today we say goodbye to an old friend. BaNaNaS v1 has been running since early 2007. It has served millions and millions of files. Over 5000 content entries were created. Over 20000 unique users used the service daily. It is what makes OpenTTD truly unique: an ever expanding set of possible additions to the game. And today we say goodbye.

Hello all, and welcome to BaNaNaS v1.5! A completely rewritten version of BaNaNaS. What has changed? ABSOLUTELY nothing. So why do it? Well, because it now runs on code that we can maintain and support again!

You can find this new BaNaNaS version in the OpenTTD client near you. For content authors and those who just want to browse, the usual place can be visited.

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OpenTTD 1.10.1

Here it is, the mandatory bugfix release.

Some server administrators complained about us breaking the admin port protocol. Sorry about that, we’re bringing the old protocol back now, your old tools will now work again.

Someone also found two crash bugs to fix, game script goal question id’s being truncated, and a display issue when refitting incredibly large trains. You people have way too much creativity, who would ever think of building a ship depot next to a dock?


OpenTTD 1.10.0

Hello campers!

We thought we should give everyone currently under quarantine/lockdown/shelter-in-place something to do with their time, so we decided to release a new version of your favourite game! Not like it’s the same time we do releases every year or anything!

Many new features since 1.9 for you to enjoy:

  • NewRoadTypes - NewGRF-provided roadtypes, similar to railtypes, allow users to have slow roads and fast roads and dusty roads. Now available at your nearest Content Download window.
  • Docks are no longer limited to 1 per station, and ships can load/unload at all parts of the dock.
  • Ability to show coverage area for stations, and authority region for towns.
  • A new screenshot type and screenshot window!
  • Improved logic for sharing cargo between stations, and an improved algorithm for transfer feeder payments.
  • A new titlegame for this release by ALEXbr, who won this year’s competition on the forums.

And many, many more features, changes, improvements, and bug fixes. See the changelog for further details.

Keep safe, wash your hands, and play OpenTTD!

OpenTTD 1.10.0-RC1

We managed to make quite a lot of changes in RC1, which marks the beginning of the “feature freeze” phase of the 1.10 release cycle.

This release comes with a final flurry of features including a new screenshot window and type, several NewGRF & Script additions and more. Some notable changes are a new improved algorithm for transfer networks and improved sharing of industry production output between multiple stations. Also many (mostly obscure) crashing bugs were ousted.

See the changelog for further details.