The title screen from OpenTTD 1.2

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OpenTTD 14.1

Our players have played a lot of OpenTTD 14 since it was released a few weeks ago – in last week alone those who opted into our survey played 34,700 hours across 17,219 games.

In all those hours, you’ve found some bugs, and we’ve done our best to fix them. The first maintenance release for OpenTTD 14 fixes a multiplayer desync bug and cleans up a few rough edges with the new ship pathfinder and the unbunching feature. As always, there are plenty of other bugfixes, which you can find in the changelog.

OpenTTD 14.0

Welcome to 14.0!

OpenTTD’s first release was in March of 2004. Now twenty years later, we are proud to present to you: release 14.0.

And boy, what a release it is. Do I dare to say: this has been the biggest release yet?

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OpenTTD 14.0-RC3

Features: added. Gameplay: improved. Bugs: squashed. Final testing pre-release: probably, unless time is accidentally stopped.

Today we release 14.0-RC3, hopefully the last release candidate before the proper 14.0 release. Compared to the previous RC, some annoying bugs were fixed and the latest translation updates included.

The stoppable march of time

I was once the hottest new model on the street. Newspapers heralded my arrival in every town. The titans of industry were inspired to produce more goods when I visited their factories.

But as the years have passed, so do their eyes pass over me, to eye curiously my replacements. Will you try the new style, ma’am? It’s so much better than that old thing.

I’ve watched my friends grow old and die. My brother got caught in traffic and caused a horrific level crossing collision. I get sick more often, wheezing to a halt wherever I am. When I visit the doctor for a spot of renewal, they tell me, “Sorry, I can’t help. You’re too old.” When will I be autoreplaced?

Woe is the tale of the Balogh Goods Truck. But what if we could slow or pause the steady march of time? In OpenTTD 14, you can.

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OpenTTD 14.0-RC2

Today we release 14.0-RC2, the second release candidate for the upcoming release. We’ve fixed a whole bunch of issues found in the first release candidate. However, there is a good chance there are still some issues out there that haven’t been found yet. Please help us hunt those down, and if you find one, you can report them here.

Translation updates are coming in every day, most languages are complete or are nearing completion. If you are a translator, please see if your language has any missing translations. We greatly appreciate your contribution!