The title screen from OpenTTD 1.4.

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Posted by TrueBrain

OpenTTD 1.9.0-RC2 is now available, which fixes a bunch of issues found during RC1 playtesting. Full changelog and download can be found in the usual places.

With one week left before release, please take the effort to test our latest Release Candidate, to find any issues that might have been introduced! Any issues can be reported in the other usual place.

Additionally, if you are a translator, please see if your language has any missing translations. We greatly appreciate your contribution!

Further, please cast your vote for the titlegame to be shipped with this release till Friday 29th March, 23:59 UTC. You can vote for as many of the entries you like. Send your vote to or send a private message to planetmaker on A complete overview for all savegames can be found here.

Posted by LordAro

OpenTTD 1.9.0-RC1 is now available, which means the 1.9 branch is now in feature freeze, so that’s your lot in features! Nothing particularly huge since beta3, but full changelog and download can be found in the usual places.

Please help with testing, any issues can be reported in the other usual place.


Posted by Eddi, LordAro & TrueBrain

Welcome to our first Monthly Dev Post. Every month one of these posts will be created, to tell you about the latest developments in the world of OpenTTD.

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Posted by andythenorth

OpenTTD 1.9.0-beta3 is now available, changes since beta2 include:

  • Option to adjust font size separately from GUI size
  • Increase maximum number of orders from 64000 to ~16.7m
  • Show performance of AI and GS in framerate window
  • News menu entry and shortcut for deleting all messages
  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Multiple fixes

Full changelog and download

Posted by Some monkeys

Rejoice, the first beta of OpenTTD 1.9.0 is here. The full version is 1.9.0-beta2, as beta1 had an unfortunate accident involving a monkey and a cockroach shortly after inception.

Some highlights are:

  • Support for up to 64 simultaneous rail types and cargo types;
  • Group liveries;
  • Modernized and updated music and sound drivers, including support for the original DOS MIDI music;
  • Detailed framerate window and faster fast-forward;
  • numerous NewGRF enhancements and bugfixes.

Full changelog and download.