OpenTTD requires a separate base graphics set to run, which can be downloaded through the installer (Windows) or on first run (Windows, Linux). In case you want to manually download and install it, some options are:

  • OpenGFX (graphics)
  • The Transport Tycoon Deluxe data files can be used as base graphics set. You must own a version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe; they cannot be downloaded.

Sound and music sets are recommended (but not necessary). OpenSFX (sound), and OpenMSX (music) can be installed via the installer or - if you own the CD - also the Transport Tycoon Deluxe sound and music.

Additional graphics, sound, and music sets can be downloaded via the ingame content download manager.

Please refer to the readme for more information.

For all binaries officially released by us we publish the MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 checksums. You can use these checksums to check whether the file you downloaded has been modified. All three checksums should match the file you downloaded; if this is not the case it means that either the file didn't come from us or that it got broken during transport. Either way it might possibly contain dangerous modifications and the file should therefore not be trusted!

Download master

Latest master release in openttd is 20201024-master-g97d7c0a8e1, released on 2020-10-24 18:01 UTC.

Changelog ]

Developer Files

These files are not required to play, and do not add anything to the game. They can be useful for programmers who want to diagnose crash bugs.

  • [ 304.2 KiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : ade66bea3dcc3c66d7862049440e4fc2
    sha1sum  : 5b3ed9149fc908c2990145373ebec8a12da64206
    sha256sum: 6092b553c51cd6840861fac590335c75a7b8b3d0ffd6ed7beceac7702cc685ca
  • [ 395.6 KiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : ce7d86135bce106292325235714a9ffc
    sha1sum  : cb3d0d326a512ffc13eec2b731bfcfe1815935c2
    sha256sum: 8f396c36a729c40d4bab65f8c5a76ca703f01211862d9ab0fb72cf21f8e35808
  • [ 11.2 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : 698dda0175b32b34577c6dbea2dc03a0
    sha1sum  : b1214f8c8cc2255c6b2ed46e932a51b6ef8ff8cd
    sha256sum: 20a4026d22ad9b641e6396143aab9a31ed1eb6056ab2cde1a825fd643693b0bd
  • [ 6.3 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : aab69b28c3dea0753ca90f4e2200490e
    sha1sum  : 58fdf76112f0c088e870584fd6d809b20f01cdcd
    sha256sum: 42540b8ff71a2d8610fee57390eb0a5292f0932c9869f754b85ba89bc651b2a3
  • [ 10.5 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : f885d06db8eacffac0bd2d18ababed6c
    sha1sum  : 1c93fe029b363e37cd2859cbd68569d593618b9d
    sha256sum: 1e5082071e127dd96545a762d36f9c4cd0d0aa91c39a74f3581d4f5849293a46
  • [ 8.3 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : 3cf0e5897f20a24ad6eca6a54c55b992
    sha1sum  : e823467367c9039e05df10819343618c24fc1d58
    sha256sum: effe3d1109ffe1d7a337ffd3be2cbf9952df3c364c8583b2010d47c1b4e8d96f
  • [ 8.4 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : 3388c70d8ae0a1de71301fc75f4d75a8
    sha1sum  : 0e472d354a4b44c13bce4bb7c8deddf3423be5ca
    sha256sum: 1bed9f77b0d190ea99cce678e1765f1cd15ca6bdc115fd30640de3805509df17