OpenTTD requires a separate base graphics set to run, which can be downloaded through the installer (Windows) or on first run (Windows, Linux). In case you want to manually download and install it, some options are:

  • OpenGFX (graphics)
  • The Transport Tycoon Deluxe data files can be used as base graphics set. You must own a version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe; they cannot be downloaded.

Sound and music sets are recommended (but not necessary). OpenSFX (sound), and OpenMSX (music) can be installed via the installer or - if you own the CD - also the Transport Tycoon Deluxe sound and music.

Additional graphics, sound, and music sets can be downloaded via the ingame content download manager.

Please refer to the readme for more information.

For all binaries officially released by us we publish the MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 checksums. You can use these checksums to check whether the file you downloaded has been modified. All three checksums should match the file you downloaded; if this is not the case it means that either the file didn't come from us or that it got broken during transport. Either way it might possibly contain dangerous modifications and the file should therefore not be trusted!

Download master

Latest master release in openttd is 20201126-master-g6ef1eaf1f5, released on 2020-11-26 19:01 UTC.

Changelog ]

Developer Files

These files are not required to play, and do not add anything to the game. They can be useful for programmers who want to diagnose crash bugs.

  • [ 304.4 KiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : b04b819d3342ba6ee88dec9c58665070
    sha1sum  : ff4b1a7bbfc9c50d61099ac2f3dc6970f9cd92f3
    sha256sum: 3454605a59be770d3b1109ea64a3aa166af5927a9a38bfcd25fdd8368c880ff4
  • [ 395.6 KiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : 55edc9b09edf642658cdf2e21b99da33
    sha1sum  : 190f5692edba408d927dff44cf0b746216cc975a
    sha256sum: aafd4fdf0c5e66663c92603259151487b2ed059db6ac513a3e7522f2d0e54a13
  • [ 11.2 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : ca9b3dfe25774c002b337daaa43eae58
    sha1sum  : c97300fa01e51a2dd813993e4f6f33a20c67f605
    sha256sum: 79d2eb2abb99298842e5efaf7c17d539ce69bab8ee5e7c15c51b27b7752bbd1d
  • [ 6.3 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : e181be0ae3e1a173718bf3dc0e04d441
    sha1sum  : c42a0e4320f1df5f77f9ed293633bc4f607603c7
    sha256sum: 3662177299b1cd993a15795e5e69d4d56d9186d3d1c2c242dda45ba42a8a97c1
  • [ 10.5 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : 84d33dcc6f21398c90c004b2d6928da1
    sha1sum  : 041ff6200c94cb6e257cd5e1fe011a9ece108505
    sha256sum: 8cfdcb112a0d490327fc79cdab948a564464cc4128564fde4b3769131db05ec8
  • [ 8.2 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : b03e402da3c2c9168ba436a1669a6b4d
    sha1sum  : 9c564ed0fe00cf18d9f4fdb67f7d3cb88f4eeebf
    sha256sum: 1adfd8a1f0f859d62f1880b2d0fd0bffebcc792f0f3a51479ffc726a83a217f9
  • [ 8.4 MiB ]
    Checksums ]
    md5sum   : 9f3334fc77e9f5d5fee7a016bcfa45d4
    sha1sum  : 2a99c4ba865c75d506c93222975366c64b71cb15
    sha256sum: 74e8de35058219a3efd83d44fc9afd585f6c513253bf3afed5ef5375a8c39793