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OpenTTD 1.9.3

OpenTTD 1.9.3 is now published.

Yet another service release for 1.9, while we are also working towards making a 1.10 version.

This release especially focuses on two issues hitting macOS users: Many have had really bad performance, with framerates below 10 on the title screen. The cause was identified to be colourspace conversions happening (big thanks to SoothedTau in issue #7644) and found a fix. There is a risk this causes incorrect colours, hopefully that’s an acceptable trade-off. Additionally, some misconfigured multiplayer servers have been sending out server names with invalid UTF-8 text, revealing a bug in text handling on macOS, causing crashes. This has also been fixed.

Apart from those two bugs, there are also some other improvements: UI scaling fixes, text fixes, file browser sorting, and it’s become a little easier to send vehicles to oil rigs and other water industries. For those playing city builder scenarios in particular, a certain playstyle was causing crashes when building road stops over one-way roads, this is also fixed.