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BaNaNaS v1.5 launched

Today we say goodbye to an old friend. BaNaNaS v1 has been running since early 2007. It has served millions and millions of files. Over 5000 content entries were created. Over 20000 unique users used the service daily. It is what makes OpenTTD truly unique: an ever expanding set of possible additions to the game. And today we say goodbye.

Hello all, and welcome to BaNaNaS v1.5! A completely rewritten version of BaNaNaS. What has changed? ABSOLUTELY nothing. So why do it? Well, because it now runs on code that we can maintain and support again!

You can find this new BaNaNaS version in the OpenTTD client near you. For content authors and those who just want to browse, the usual place can be visited.

This reimplementation means we can finally implement new functionalities, if someone steps forward to invest the time of course. Also, and this more a personal point of happiness: it is all running on AWS now.

This should solve many of the issues with BaNaNaS, like proper UTF-8 support, being able to change the name of your content, being able to edit existing content, etc. It should seriously be a Quality-of-Life improvement for content authors.

Interested in more information? Want to run your own BaNaNaS for your private client? Want to help out with new functionalities? Especially on the Web Frontend site we could use some help!

Or if you want to look at the database:

The idea for BaNaNaS v1.5 was created in mid-February 2020; development started soon after. It is hundreds of lines of code. It took several weekends of building. Having a day-job really doesn’t help. But it is finally here.

If you find any bugs or issues, make a ticket in the correct repository, and we will look into it. Questions or you want to help out? Drop by on IRC: / #openttd.

Hope you all enjoy it!