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OpenTTD 1.11.0-beta1

So it’s a bit later than usual, but I have the pleasure of announcing the first beta of our 1.11 release series! It’s turned into a bit of a beast of a release. Special thanks to TrueBrain, who’s basically turned OpenTTD into his full-time job over the last few months and has helped squash lots of bugs.

In this release, among many other things, are:

  • Lots of improvements to MacOS support, including support for the shiny new Apple M1 (and also Windows ARM, but that’s rather less exciting).
  • Towns are better at building, now being able to build tunnels, and also knowing not to build bridges & tunnels that immediately dead-end.
  • An option to automatically remove signals when placing rail.
  • Inflation is now applied consistently from 1920 to 2090, regardless of start year. So your starting value of money might look a bit different.
  • Tweaks to several default settings to improve playability for new players.
  • Improvements to several GUI windows, and making renaming & goto-location buttons have a consistent location and name where used.
  • Usual array of tweaks and changes and bug fixes.

As ever, see the changelog for further details. The usual titlegame competition will be announced on the forum shortly.

Any rumours about hovercraft are categorically false.