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OpenTTD 1.11.0-beta2

Today we release our second beta of our 1.11 release series!

This second beta is a huge one: we have spent much of the time between last beta and this on massively improving the performance of our video-drivers on all platforms. With a huge thanks to michi_cc, we now even have OpenGL support! Don’t get your hopes up: it still is (and always will be) a 2D game.

To make sure these changes get their fair share of testing, we ask you to help us test them. Especially the following new features:

  • OpenGL support for all platforms.
  • Massive improvements to all video-drivers; so massive, we now have a setting to indicate an upper-limit to fast-forward speeds.
  • Display now runs on 60fps.
  • Generic Linux builds.

For a complete list of changes, please see the changelog.

Additionally, we are still searching for translators for 19 languages!

Below is the list of languages that could really use a translator or two. If you can read/write any of these languages, and are willing to help us out make the game look better in that language, please drop by and help us out! We made things as easy as possible for you; all we need from you is a few minutes of your time to translate strings from English to your language.

With this new beta, we are slowly wrapping up 1.11, meaning we are closing in on a feature-freeze: a period of time we do not accept new features, but focus on any and all bugs we are aware of. This means it is a perfect time for you to report any you have!

Please do help us test, and let us know how you like the improvements we made!

Languages without translators:

  • be_BY - Беларуская
  • cy_GB - Cymraeg
  • el_GR - Ελληνικά
  • en_AU - English (AU)
  • eo_EO - Esperanto
  • eu_ES - Euskara
  • fo_FO - Føroyskt
  • ga_IE - Gaeilge
  • gd_GB - Gàidhlig
  • gl_ES - Galego
  • he_IL - עברית
  • is_IS - Íslenska
  • la_VA - Latina
  • lb_LU - Lëtzebuergesch
  • ms_MY - Melayu
  • nn_NO - Norsk (nynorsk)
  • sr_RS - Srpski
  • th_TH - Thai
  • zh_TW - 繁體中文