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OpenTTD 12.0-beta2

Thanks to your awesome testing, we found one critical bug in 12.0-beta1. To quickly address this, we release our second beta of the 12.X release series.

There are only a few fixes in this release, mostly related to network servers. Most notably:

  • Connecting with the same client name thrice hangs the server.
  • Reusing of invite-codes was reported poorly.

See the changelog for the full list.

To sweeten the deal, we also sneaked in a feature for cargodist that will make it take travel time more into account when routing passengers, mail and other express cargoes.

As the first issue is critical, and if you are using 12.0-beta1, we urge you to upgrade to 12.0-beta2 as soon as possible.

Please keep up the testing, and report any issues as normal!