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OpenTTD 12.0

The time is finally here: 12.0 is officially released!

12.0 is our multiplayer update, where we made playing together as easy as possible. No more port-forwarding or other stuff: start a server and ask your friend(s) to join. We take care of the rest. For more details, please read our blog: New Multiplayer Experience

Besides this major update, 12.0 also comes with some other nice features:

  • Display icon/text whether vehicle is lost.
  • Moving camera on title screen background.
  • Hide block signals in GUI by default (you can toggle this in the settings).
  • Raise the maximum NewGRF limit to 255.

To name just a few. And as always, we made sure to include tons (over 85!) of bug fixes in this release.

A special thanks goes out to our translators: they translated the game in full for 29 (!) languages.

We hope you enjoy this new version, and make sure to try it out with a friend!