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OpenTTD 13.0-beta1

Are you spooked? We are too with this spooky release date, even if nothing in OpenTTD itself is spooky.

Luckily, I can offer you the first testing release of the 13.X release series. We collected whatever we could find on the cutting room floor to get you a Halloween release.

Some of the higlights of this release include:

  • Build NewGRF objects over an era with click-and-drag.
  • Wider rivers on map generation.
  • Improved handling of HiDPI and mixed-DPI screens.
  • Some more GUI improvements like a cleaned up finance window.
  • Many bug-fixes (over 50 of them), tweaks, changes, and other additions.

(As ever, see the changelog for further details).

The usual titlegame competition has been announced on the forums. See the page for the exact competition rules if you are interested.