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OpenTTD 14.0-beta1

OpenTTD turns 20 this year, and to celebrate we are preparing for one of our largest ever releases.

It’s packed with 40 new features, 80 changes, and almost 150 fixes. In the upcoming weeks we will share more posts explaining some of these features in depth. For now, we need your help testing our work.

We need as many people as possible to test this beta version of the 14.X release series, so you can find and we can squash as many bugs as possible before the actual release.

To guide you a bit towards what you should be looking for:

  • Generic gameplay bugs and crashes.
  • There is a new Ship Pathfinder; test it out. Buoys are optional to use.
  • You can now automatically unbunch your vehicles at a depot.
  • We added our own interpretation of daylength to the game. More on this soon in another blog post.
  • There are many GUI improvements throughout the game. More consistent look, better GUI scaling.

There are many more things worth talking about, and this will be made more clear when we approach the release of 14.0. But for now, play the game, and please report any issues you find.

The usual titlegame competition has also been announced on the forums. See the page for the exact competition rules if you are interested.