CVE-2012-0049 (vulnerable 0.3.5 - fixed 1.1.5)

Short description: Denial of service (server) via slow read attack

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Using a slow read type attack it is possible to prevent anyone from joining a server with virtually no resources. Once downloading the map no other downloads of the map can start, so downloading really slowly will prevent
others from joining. This can be further aggravated by the pause-on-join setting in which case the game is paused and the players cannot continue the game during such an attack. This attack requires that the user is not banned and passes the authorization to the server, although for many servers there is no server password and thus authorization is easy.

A similar attack can be done when performing the attack during the authorization phase itself, however you will not block anyone else from joining, unless you use connection multiple times until the connection limit is reached, or stop the continuation of the game of the already joined players. This attack requires the user to be merely not banned.

Note that versions before 0.6.0 are vulnerable as well. However, these versions are over five years old and not supported anymore. Therefore no patches for earlier versions are provided. Before 0.3.5 it is not possible
to exploit this bug via the internet as multiplayer over internet did not
exist yet. The provided patch is a simplification of the fix in 1.1.5 because that version slightly changes the network protocol to tell people
they got kicked due to the (password) timeout.

The attached patch does not change network compatibility. The fix in trunk does change network compatibility.