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A new home for OpenTTD

Some may or may not have noticed a slightly slower behaviour of our web services the last days or found in IRC the announcement that the server is subject to increased I/O operations. The reason behind this behaviour is simple: OpenTTD (and along with it also OpenDune and TTDpatch binaries) move to a new home which is now graciously sponsored by OVH and these I/O operations were mostly copying stuff from our old server to the new machine. At the same time we would like to thank LeaseWeb for being our host for the last years.

Especially TrueBrain has been and still is working hard the last days to transition all our services to the new and much more powerful machine. On the surface you won't see much difference except that now of course the sponsor's logo changed. Behind the scenes the transition from the old machine to the new still goes on. Thus please bear with us and tell us if there are issues with one of our services.