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Posted by planetmaker

Guess what day it is? This innocent post from 10 years ago may give you a hint!

It's a day to say thank you to all the players and especially to the many, many contributors we had and have throughout this time. What was said back 4 years for our going 1.0.0 still is true, even more true: it was a lot of work of hundreds and thousands of people, coding, drawing, composing, translating, both directly this game or on third-party projects like the graphics, sound and music sets or libraries used by this game.

Also a big thank you to OVH who currently generously sponsors our hosting and bandwidths needs.

Last but not least also a big thank you to our mirrors which make it possible to deliver our binaries fast and reliably to you :)

What is your OpenTTD story? How did you discover it? What is your funniest, scariest, or otherwise most memorable OpenTTD experience? Tell us!