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OpenTTD 1.5.0-beta1

Ho ho ho!

Did Santa drop off the presents you liked? Did you miss one? Oh, you did not find any compact disk with the new OpenTTD under the tree? Well, Santa is not your grandpa. So, of course presents are delivered in digital form nowadays, ready for you to download.

The first beta release of OpenTTD 1.5 has all the goodies from 2014: Hierarchical vehicle groups, update-able NewGRF presets, custom vehicle list filtering, more heightlevels for maps, and a scaleable user interface for your new 3K display! What, you didn't get one? Hmm, maybe Santa focussed too much on digital stuff then...

You can pay Santa back that oversight by reporting bugs: If you find issues, please report them to the bugtracker, so the Easter bunny can do better.

Happy holidays, and a happy new year!
Your OpenTTD team