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Posted by frosch
Happy christmas season everyone,

as you may know, OpenTTD's translations have been handled via a Web Interface since ages. When I joined OpenTTD in 2007, stuff was handled by WebTranslator 2, which to me sounds like already the second incarnation of the service ^^
In 2009 TrueBrain did a complete overhaul of the OpenTTD website, which also included a complete new WebTranslator 3, which has been in service since then.

As you also may know, at the #OpenTTDcoop DevZone we have had a WebTranslator called Eints since 2013. Its goal was to supply all NewGRFs with a Translation Interface, which removed the burden from GRF authors to collect and update translations from various translators. While it started only supporting translations for NewGRF, which is still reflected in its name today, it soon gained support for GameScripts.

In 2013/2014 it became apparent, that some parts of the OpenTTD Website need renewing. One of the burdens on TrueBrain's back was WebTranslator 3. So in 2015 Albert, TrueBrain and myself started to advance Eints to its final milestone: Supporting and handling all Translation tasks in the OpenTTD universe. and are different websites, and Eints needs to operate differently on them. Just to list some:
  • OpenTTDcoop runs many projects via RedMine, all with different developers and user permissions.
  • OpenTTD runs a single project, but it has as many strings as all projects at #coop combined.
  • OpenTTDcoop manages users via RedMine, OpenTTD via LDAP.
  • OpenTTD is versioned with SubVersion, OpenTTDcoop mostly uses Mercurial.
As of today, WebTranslator 3 is offline. is now running an Eints instance. While we hope things will run smoothly, please report back :) Either on the forums or via the DevZone

In case you wonder what logins to use where:
  • OpenTTD account: Everything at Wiki, BaNaNaS, FlySpray and also the new Eints.
  • TT-Forums account: Forums, TT-Wiki and NewGRFSpecs-Wiki.
  • DevZone account: Everything at DevZone, Wiki and Eints over there.