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OpenTTD 1.8.0-RC1

1.8 is coming like a train, the wagons carry feature polish, adjustments to things bothering for years, bug fixes, performance improvements, ...
  • Aircraft types, train lengths and NewGRF industry production are now displayed more clearly.
  • Windows are arranged more conveniently, and you can now enable to close windows using the right mouse button.
  • Bankruptcy is now checked before reoccurring infrastructure costs are paid, so AI companies running on tight budget no longer close down as fast.
  • #coop's PublicServer game 325 now runs about 10% faster.
  • For those using the original base graphics: The consistency of the additional graphics across the climates were improved.
You can read about all the changes in the changelog; please help testing the release for 2018, so it becomes the best Tetris clone ever.

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