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OpenTTD 1.11.0

Another year, another release. Who would have guessed ;)

With 1.11 we bring you a lot of new features which you hopefully enjoy as much as we did creating them:

  • Performance improvements - Fast-Forward is now so fast, there is a setting to rate limit it (on by default).
  • Improved World Generation GUI - 100% rainforest maps are now available if you so request.
  • Towns can now grow with tunnels too - finally they can escape the hills!
  • Filter on name in many more windows - for those that enjoy playing with one too many NewGRFs.
  • Plant trees with a brush in Scenario Editor - it is like painting, but with trees.
  • A new titlegame for this release by Chrnan6710, who won this year’s competition.

And that is not all. We also fixed over 100 bugs and added / changed / improved over 100 more things. As always, check the changelog for a detailed overview.

Owh, and we are also now available on Steam.

So, to stay in the spirit of the current world situation: if your friends ask you why you are not visiting, tell them it is because OpenTTD 1.11 just released ;)