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Posted by TrueBrain

Last weekend OpenTTD migrated its source (Subversion) and bugs (FlySpray) to GitHub (
This change was long overdue and we are happy we finally did it.

What changed for you? (biggest changes)

More details can be found on the forum:

Posted by kamnet
OpenTTD 1.8.0 is now published.

GOOD NEWS! Ships have been put back into the game. Unfortunately due to new improvements in Toyland environment, we ran out of room in the map array, so we have chosen to eliminate train signals. ENJOY!

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Posted by various animals
1.8 is coming like a train, the wagons carry feature polish, adjustments to things bothering for years, bug fixes, performance improvements, ...
  • Aircraft types, train lengths and NewGRF industry production are now displayed more clearly.
  • Windows are arranged more conveniently, and you can now enable to close windows using the right mouse button.
  • Bankruptcy is now checked before reoccurring infrastructure costs are paid, so AI companies running on tight budget no longer close down as fast.
  • #coop's PublicServer game 325 now runs about 10% faster.
  • For those using the original base graphics: The consistency of the additional graphics across the climates were improved.
You can read about all the changes in the changelog; please help testing the release for 2018, so it becomes the best Tetris clone ever.

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Posted by Rudolph
Train bells train bells, rails all the way,
here you have another release, OpenTTD 1.7.2

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Posted by The Crowd
Hello people, the crowdfunded announcement for this new release didn't go so well:

But rejoice! There is effectively a new release candidate with some needed bugfixes and some new features too!
See the changelog to know everything about it.

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