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OpenTTD 1.9.0-beta2

Rejoice, the first beta of OpenTTD 1.9.0 is here. The full version is 1.9.0-beta2, as beta1 had an unfortunate accident involving a monkey and a cockroach shortly after inception.

Some highlights are:

  • Support for up to 64 simultaneous rail types and cargo types;
  • Group liveries;
  • Modernized and updated music and sound drivers, including support for the original DOS MIDI music;
  • Detailed framerate window and faster fast-forward;
  • numerous NewGRF enhancements and bugfixes.

Full changelog and download.

New website and nightlies are back

Modernisation of the hosting infrastructure is proceeding, and we have just brought a new version of this main website online. But, you say, nothing changed? You are absolutely correct!

For over the last 15 years, the website was run on Django. Sadly, over the years, fewer and fewer people knew how to update it, and it stalled. So, a few weeks back andythenorth and TrueBrain started to port the website to Jekyll, and put it on GitHub. It is now connected to a CI/CD. This means that any contribution can quickly be tested and validated, and anyone with commit rights can update the website. Including things like news, screenshots, etc!

Additionally, after almost a year of no nightlies, they are finally back. These nightlies are created on new infrastructure, and should be better than ever. Especially the Mac OS version should be a lot more stable, as it is no longer cross-compiled.

Finally, the new binaries are now served from a CDN; this means downloads should be a lot quicker for a lot more people.

This all took a lot of effort (6+ months of work), and hopefully this makes contributing to these parts of our game a lot easier.

If you find any trains stuck at signals please let us know, so we can resolve the issue safely without risk of crashes.

OpenTTD is now migrated to GitHub

Last weekend OpenTTD migrated its source (Subversion) and bugs (FlySpray) to GitHub (
This change was long overdue and we are happy we finally did it.

What changed for you? (biggest changes)

More details can be found on the forum:

OpenTTD 1.8.0

OpenTTD 1.8.0 is now published.

GOOD NEWS! Ships have been put back into the game. Unfortunately due to new improvements in Toyland environment, we ran out of room in the map array, so we have chosen to eliminate train signals. ENJOY!

Download     Changelog     Bug-Tracker

OpenTTD 1.8.0-RC1

1.8 is coming like a train, the wagons carry feature polish, adjustments to things bothering for years, bug fixes, performance improvements, ...
  • Aircraft types, train lengths and NewGRF industry production are now displayed more clearly.
  • Windows are arranged more conveniently, and you can now enable to close windows using the right mouse button.
  • Bankruptcy is now checked before reoccurring infrastructure costs are paid, so AI companies running on tight budget no longer close down as fast.
  • #coop's PublicServer game 325 now runs about 10% faster.
  • For those using the original base graphics: The consistency of the additional graphics across the climates were improved.
You can read about all the changes in the changelog; please help testing the release for 2018, so it becomes the best Tetris clone ever.

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