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Posted by Rudolph
Train bells train bells, rails all the way,
here you have another release, OpenTTD 1.7.2

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Posted by The Crowd
Hello people, the crowdfunded announcement for this new release didn't go so well:

But rejoice! There is effectively a new release candidate with some needed bugfixes and some new features too!
See the changelog to know everything about it.

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Posted by frosch
OpenTTD 1.7.1-RC1 brings you a fine selection of fixes. In particular it should work better on newer versions of Windows.

Please help testing the release candidate, so it works on various platforms.

In other news, our April Fool's plan to remove ships was not well received. So we reconsidered them, and now look into trains.

May the fourth be with you!

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Posted by Wolf01
Hello from your Friendly Neighborhood Wolf01, I'm the stable version announcer for this occurrence.

This new fantastic version brings you a little set of new features, almost all are related to NewGRF but they will allow to do some new things or old things in a better way. Industry set developers should welcome the improved control for displaying the input cargos on the industry GUI (CB 37 result), along with other improvements to NewGRF features like a string command (9A 1E) to print the name of a cargo type, extended range for DCxx strings. Vehicles can now be composed from multiple sprites, potentially reducing duplication for people drawing vehicles with cargos etc. Finally the maximum number of NewGRF texts is increased to 512k and GameScript texts increased to 64k.

In other changes we find that waypoint area is now limited to the max station spread while dragging, static grfs do not count anymore towards the max active grfs so it can free some space for more grfs in a single game, and there is a rearranged GUI for the autoreplace feature. Realistic acceleration is now enabled by default for trains and road vehicles (new installations/clean configs) and the drive-in roadstops are now hidden from the tramway station picker, what a relief.

Various performance improvements were kicked in for CargoDist and LinkGraphs and a lot of bugs which spanned from simple overflowing text to crashes and memory leaks were fixed too, see the complete changelog to know everything that was changed.

As a final note, you all know what a stable release mean: we have another year to throw in new features, test the new features, remove canals (or even the ships, who plays with ships?), fix bugs, fix bugfixes and who knows, maybe even add NotRoadTypes :D

P.S.: no it's not an April Fool, we are really going to remove canals.
P.P.S.: yes, totally no kidding.

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Posted by frosch
Today we released OpenTTD 1.7.0-RC1!

This release contains various NewGRF API extensions and a collection of bug fixes, mostly contributed by JGR, adf88 and hackalittlebit.
Also, we got a new titlegame for the 1.7 series, created by HvS.

Thanks everyone involved!

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