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OpenTTD 1.10.0-RC1

We managed to make quite a lot of changes in RC1, which marks the beginning of the “feature freeze” phase of the 1.10 release cycle.

This release comes with a final flurry of features including a new screenshot window and type, several NewGRF & Script additions and more. Some notable changes are a new improved algorithm for transfer networks and improved sharing of industry production output between multiple stations. Also many (mostly obscure) crashing bugs were ousted.

See the changelog for further details.

OpenTTD 1.10.0-beta2

Hope everyone’s having a merry winter festival!

We at the OpenTTD offices are celebrating the season with continuing to progress towards the stable release of 1.10. As such, 1.10.0-beta2 is now published.

Nothing too ground breaking in this beta release, with some usability improvements and many crash fixes.

See the changelog for further details.

OpenTTD 1.10.0-beta1

What’s this? A sPoOoKy 1.10 beta release?!

OpenTTD 1.10.0-beta1 is now published.

Several big features this time round, the biggest of which would be NRT, or NewGRF RoadTypes. This allows NewGRFs to add different types of roads similarly to what they can do for RailTypes already. Also featured are big improvements to vehicle pathfinding performance, more flexible docks (multiple per station!), the ability to highlight station and town coverage areas, and many more!

There’s still some stuff to fix yet, but we’re pretty confident this release won’t immediately crash on you :)

See the changelog for further details.

If you’re really good boys and girls and androids, you might get a 1.10.0 stable release for Christmas…

Monthly Dev Post of October 2019

Welcome to our Dev Post for October 2019. Every month (ahem) one of these post will be created, to tell you about the latest developments in the world of OpenTTD.

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OpenTTD 1.9.3

OpenTTD 1.9.3 is now published.

Yet another service release for 1.9, while we are also working towards making a 1.10 version.

This release especially focuses on two issues hitting macOS users: Many have had really bad performance, with framerates below 10 on the title screen. The cause was identified to be colourspace conversions happening (big thanks to SoothedTau in issue #7644) and found a fix. There is a risk this causes incorrect colours, hopefully that’s an acceptable trade-off. Additionally, some misconfigured multiplayer servers have been sending out server names with invalid UTF-8 text, revealing a bug in text handling on macOS, causing crashes. This has also been fixed.

Apart from those two bugs, there are also some other improvements: UI scaling fixes, text fixes, file browser sorting, and it’s become a little easier to send vehicles to oil rigs and other water industries. For those playing city builder scenarios in particular, a certain playstyle was causing crashes when building road stops over one-way roads, this is also fixed.